A Strategic Vision for Georgia Tech

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A Strategic Vision for Georgia Tech

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A Strategic Vision for Georgia Tech

A New Chapter in Tech’s History:

国产偷拍视频In Oct. 2019, President Ángel Cabrera invited Georgia Tech stakeholders to engage in a communitywide process to build upon the momentum created by “Designing the Future,” craft a new vision, and develop the Institute’s next strategic plan. 

Released in August 2010 as the culmination of a yearlong process bringing together hundreds of members of the Tech community, the Strategic Plan outlines a vision for where Georgia Tech aspires to be in the year 2035, the Institute’s 150th anniversary.

We invite you to:

Highly Respected, Technology-Focused

Goal 1: Be Among the Most Highly Respected Technology-Focused Learning Institutions in the World

Excellence in Scholarship and Research

Goal 2: Sustain and Enhance Excellence in Scholarship and Research

Innovation, Entrepreneurs & Public Service

Goal 3: Ensure That Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Public Service are Fundamental Characteristics of Our Graduates

Global Citizens

Goal 4: Expand Our Global Footprint and Influence to Ensure That We Are Graduating Good Global Citizens

Institutional Effectiveness

Goal 5: Relentlessly Pursue Institutional Effectiveness